Testimonial from Regina

Hi Dermot,

Your training is still very active in my brain as if we just had it today. I was listening to the recordings about 5 times each in the last weeks and tried to prepare some paper work for myself.

The reason for my email today is that I got some good feedback. Apart from introducing myself (business & private) as Regina, Regina Gleeson, I also found one major part of the training that changed my work: When the customer says: "Can you send me an email with what your company provides?"

My "old" me would have been delighted to get the go ahead to send an email and would have said: "Yes no problem I send you an email" and that would have been the end of the call,... and most of the time they would not come back to me on the email.

Today, I had to call Bulgaria and the communication in English was quite difficult and most of the time they only wanted an email as speaking/listening in English was too difficult for them.

But when they said: "Can you please send me an email of what your company offers?"

I said: "Sure I can do that, but what I would prefer to do first is, to understand better what exactly you are looking for and what challenges you are facing."

And the customer started talking.... They don't have a helpdesk and really need a solution as soon as possible..... we were speaking for about 15 min (with the help of open questions) and I created a Sales Opportunity for Eastern Europe. (I am not in sales so I can't take it any further than that,...)

The other thing with Eastern Europe is that I have to speak really slowly on the phone ;-) which is good training too!

Right, I just wanted to send you this note, as I am really pleased with the training we have received from you and the online availability of the videos.

Thanks for all your help.


Regina, Telesales Co-ordinator
BMC Software

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