Testimonial from Lawrence Jones

When I asked Seven V to run a sales training course for my entire team I expected great things, but what I got excelled every expectation.

My sales team are a talented group and they all have immense potential which is why they were hired but Dermot tapped straight to the source. Even in the first session my staff were hooked.

Dermot’s training technique is simply amazing in the way that he motivates teams to maximise their performance and in his own words: “learn the art of the possible.”

When you hear about a guy who’ll come to your offices and phone your clients in front of a room full of people, you’ve a right to be dubious. Dermot, however, really was amazing demonstrating a fluency of phone manner which is rarely seen except in the master salesman.

My sales staff wanted to try out his techniques as soon as they left the training room because of the live cold calls Dermot performed.

The UKFast sales team have now taken part in all three modules and I have noticed a marked improvement in their motivation and in their performance.

I would highly recommend Dermot as a trainer for every salesperson, no matter how long they have been in the industry. From experienced sales managers, to new starters, every one of my staff benefited in some way from the Seven V teachings.

Lawrence Jones, UKFast Managing Director

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