Sales training to enhance cold calling - module 1

Should your sales team be securing more business appointments?

Cold calling should be a fundamental technique for any sales person, yet in reality it is one of the most feared aspects of sales.

Seven V's, sales training includes a Securing Business Appointments module, which deals with the fundamental steps of building a client relationship.

Through thought-provoking and exciting sales training, this module takes away the fear of rejection that accompanies cold calling.

By setting an example, the trainer makes a series of live calls to your clients on speaker phone, in front of the whole class.

The live portion of this sales coaching class demonstrates the "art of the possible" and that Seven V's sales training techniques really do work. This inspires your sales staff to want to try themselves.

For information on businesses that have taken part in Seven V's cold calling module click here.

Key areas of sales training from Seven V's Securing Business Appointments module:

  • How to handle reception
  • How to quickly build a relationship with a PA
  • The introduction of a simple call structure
  • Different techniques of learning how to handle objections
  • How to make your call sound important
  • Selling the appointment rather than the product
  • Gaining commitment from the decision maker for the appointment

Start using the right sales training techniques and you're on the route to cold calling success click here or call Seven V on 01565 648 252.


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