Introducing Dermot Collins - Seven V founder and master sales trainer

Dermot Collins is the founder and senior trainer at the sales training and development company, Seven V Ltd.

A highly experienced sales professional himself, Dermot developed his sales skills over many years of practice, reaching a point where any situation is a challenge just waiting to be overcome.

Seven V takes its name from the Seven Virtues of Sales that Dermot has developed. These Seven Virtues form the basis for this highly successful behavioural program, and the foundation of all his live sales training courses.

Dermot’s combination of unique material combined with a thought-provoking style of delivery is constantly demanded by leading blue-chip companies around the world, as well as many other entrepreneurial organisations. This has led Dermot to be recognised as a world leading master trainer in live cold calling, live retention and live negotiation programs.

Seven V give you an insight into the Seven Virtues of selling, challenging the status quo of existing sales thinking.

Through his professional sales training Dermot shows your sales teams the art of the possible.

Read our testimonials from professionals trained by Dermot.

Why not use Dermot's sales training skills today - contact us online if outside the UK or call 01625 301 352 today.


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