Testimonial from Louise Perkins

Hi Dermot

Following our training last week in Birmingham and further to my feedback, I would just like to say I have stopped hearing you and started listening. 

After much reflection and soul searching your feedback was spot on and thank you for being honest and giving me a much needed kick up the xxxx!  I did hate you at the time and I struggled to see the positive message, however, I was wrong and yes, you were right. 

I asked myself this question, when did I last receive feedback that impacted on me so much and made me question myself as much as yours did?

Answer - I don’t think I have ever received feedback that has had this much power and impact on me. 

Acceptance of this feedback has made me truly motivated to want to listen to those around me, including my team, my piers and senior management.  I now understand and accept that I have to practice the technique of listening to become a successful sales manager and run a successful sales floor.

Kindest regards


Louise Perkins, Sales Manager
BT Plc

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