What does Seven V Ltd do?

To put it plainly, at Seven V we provide sales training to motivate your team so they can achieve a level of success they never thought was possible.

“Adults learn best only when they are ready to learn,” said Professor E L Thorndike, the intellectual who developed a series of laws of adult learning. So at Seven V, we’ve taken his teachings on board and used it in our sales training.

The reason why our sales training courses are so successful is that we address the issue of adult learning head on. Seven V's expert sales trainers overcome the barriers to learning, using a simple and unique approach.

We base our sales training on the concept of explanation, demonstration and practice. In other words, we explain how to approach the sales call psychologically, as well as outlining the techniques that work.

The theory portion of the class is followed by LIVE demonstrations from a master trainer on speaker phone. Your sales team provide real prospects and we call them, showing your sales staff the art of the possible.

The effect is dramatic. Your staff experience first hand, a level of fluency they never thought possible.

The sales training courses are for all sales people. Irrespective of level of experience, every delegate is inspired to reach his or her next level of competency.

Having created a real hunger for learning, your sales team practice our proven development training techniques in class with live prospects; building self-belief and achieving amazing results.

Seven V sales training courses take away the word "can’t" from a salesperson’s vocabulary and highlight the need to practice.

We currently offer a number of sales development training modules which can be customised around your specific requirements. These are:

For those who are really serious about improving their technique we also hold master class sales training seminars.

Click the links to find out more about sales training, contact us online or call 01625 301 352 for more information.

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