Testimonial from James Kight


I can honestly say that I have never seen anything to compare with SevenV from the sales training world!

I heard that they were good at what they do and made live sales calls as part of the programme, so I was excited to sit in and watch despite my busy work load as Managing Director. I must say I was so glad that I did because it was outstanding! I truly could not believe my eyes as I watched the SevenV instructor make a 20 minute call in front of my sales team. Not only did they handle a conversation with an incredibly difficult person, one that may I say my own team admitted they would not have been equipped to handle, but then calmly control the pressure of having absolutely zero product knowledge and close a deal for a sale we would never have had in front of our eyes!....Outstanding!

As you can imagine my sales team loved it as they were learning from someone that didn't talk about how to improve your sales skills, he showed them and that made my guys really want to learn. We will be developing our relationship with SevenV because it was a great investment, vitally important development for our sales teams and more importantly my sales people want it

I will conclude by making the statement that in a day and age of mediocrity, SevenV are a refreshing change as they are truly World Class! Thank you.


James Kight, Managing Director

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