Winback - module 2

Even the best businesses sometimes lose clients. It’s a fact of life.

But wouldn’t it be great if this wasn’t the case.

Module 2, Winback, basically does what it says on the tin. It uses sales training to teach sales teams how to win back clients and reduce your churn.

When your sales staff attend the Seven V sales training course on Winback they learn new innovative techniques to help retain your business’s current clients, as well as return those who have previously moved to competitors.

On module 2, the trainer makes a series of live calls on a speaker-phone in front of the class working on two different scenarios:

Scenario one involves a customer who wants to leave to join a competitor.

Scenario two portrays a customer who has already left and in reality would usually be forgotten.

Increase your company’s client base. Win back more customers by giving your sales teams the tools to do it through professional sales training. Click here to read testimonials.

Key areas covered in Seven V’s sales team development Winback course:

  • How apologies sound cheap
  • Introduction of a call structure
  • Establishing where we went wrong initially
  • How to re-open lines of communication
  • The impact of high relationship questions
  • Securing a new opportunity to do business with one another
  • How understanding hostility is easily turned into loyalty

Help your sales team to win back more clients using Seven V sales skills training, click here, or call 01565 648 252.


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