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You are up to your eyes in it and have not got time because the really important things you are doing. Emails to send, responses to customers' requests for quotes, making sure your powerpoint presentation is tip top, internal meetings, conference calls and lots of really urgent matters that need your attention! 

Stop putting of rejection - face it now! Urgency is one of our seven virtues of sales. Maybe you are busy, however ask yourself would you have any of the activities you are involved in now without a call into the unknown having been made at some point in the past?

I have a little bit of hesitation myself when I am making a new call. However I have learned to embrace it, and you should too. I have learnt that the waiting is always worse than the doing and so now I can't wait to play in any area of sales activity that gives me the oppertunity to control rejection again and again! Think about the excitment you had when you controled a sales situation that you thought was going to be really difficult, now tell me that that's not more interesting than your emails?

Stop waiting and let me know how you get on, as the succeses stories you guys sent back from my last message were fantastic, so well done and good luck!

Happy hunting from one sales guy to another!






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