The Seven Sins of Sales
Wed 18th Jun 08 - 9:50

Dermot Collins’ latest thinking on achieving success in sales is called, "The Seven Sins of Sales." These highlights the most common pitfalls that sales people fall into, but often fail to recognise themselves. These "sins" adversely influence a salesperson's attitude towards sales and their prospects, which in turn adversely influences their behaviour, which in turn prevents them from applying the sales techniques in the correct and fluent way. See which ones if any apply to you - and be honest to yourself.



If you were as good at selling to your customer as you are at selling to yourself that they are interested you would be brilliant!


Be a typical cardboard cut out sales person, not yourself; by leaving your personality at home!


Always talk about the detail of the product and never understand the reason why a customer would want to buy it in the first place!


Keep thinking sales success is all about money because it is not! Money is the bi-product of success not a reason for doing it!


Never practice and be surprised when you don’t improve. Continue to stay within the comfort zone of the customer relationships you have always relayed on!


Keep thinking that great selling starts by being eloquent with a customer and forget totally how to communicate with your colleagues!


Always let your ego think your better than everyone else and do nothing to prove you are!




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